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Re: Half a Tatami

Hi Niall; Nice column, nice article, nice memories: You recommended to me that I should take training from Fujita Sensei at the Tokyo Budokan. He was very kind to me and wrote to me after I returned to UK. About the D, not dissimilar to Asoh Sensei who said "Aikido is just swinging your arm, but it takes thirty years, if you are lucky, to learn to swing your arm" he swung it with devastating effect. I remember that very clearly, a comforting upward curve followed by a cut that left an impression not just on you, but also on the tatami that you landed on. Only half a tatami was used as he stood back while you landed where he had been standing. I remember so well the evacuation of Oshima and the use of the sports centre as a shelter. Over the years and because of its location, Japan has been hit by so many major disasters, the resilience, the undaunted spirit and sense of community of the Japanese people shows at these times and helps them overcome. Our hearts are full of hope for the Japanese from the north and all of Japan.
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