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Diana Frese
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Re: Zen in the Art of Aikido

Thanks, Ron, I will try to find it, although I've never been to e-budo. I'm a relative newcomer to Aiki Web but I have been intending to read Peter Goldsbury's articles (what I have read in them is fascinating) and am always interested in his posts. I heard about the Kojiki years ago from Peter Shapiro, who was a student of both Saotome Sensei and Hikitsuchi Sensei, but on returning from Japan I bought copies of the Kojiki and Nihongi fascinating hints of mythology and early rulers of Japan, much beautiful poetic description, but I always wondered what it all meant in terms of people and nature, what was the symbolism and what actually happened in the early Japanese history and before.

Oh well, I guess what I'm trying to say is we are privileged to have the great resource of Peter Goldsbury's writings available to us and I am grateful that Ron has given a door, an entry point to this topic for me. I'm going to follow it up right now.

As for the original topic, Niall has given us a great topic with many examples to study with the links. My husband has been mentioning from time to time some resource books on Zen and we have been looking for them among his books. So we will both be studying this column together.

Graham, I don't claim to be an enlightened person, but your phrase is a big help!
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