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Re: Zen in the Art of Aikido

Niall, great to see you with a column, a new space, one that for me fits you like a glove.

Love the title. You may recall I tried to explain I started Aikido from a disciplined spiritual perspective and in a way, on reading others views on it, said I studied it backwards.

Hence my leaning and belief in the basic dicipline being spiritual. In fact where I trained and eventually taught was called Zen Shin Kan. (We translated it for others as meaning 'building the mind of now.')

Your style and multiple references give room for those who wish to delve into the topic some more and yet it also gives a neutrality, a space for others to make up their own mind and answer as they will. Quite zen. Quite you, if I may say so. Well done.

So congratulations on an excellent piece and thank you.

My gift to you from my Aikido shall therefore be a 'truth' of mine I give to my students in the form of one of my own zen sayings.

' Stillness is faster than the speed of light.'

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