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Cyntada 01-25-2006 10:38 PM

Starting Aikido next week - yay!
Greetings all,

I'll be starting Aikido in about a week, first time in any MA. Have been doing a lot of reading (articles and lurking on these forums) and have a provisional conclusion that Aikido promises to be a good "fit" for me. (In theory, anyway. Will let you know how the reality turns out!) :D

That said, is there anything I can be doing now to get ready for class (stretching, maybe?) Can anyone offer a general idea of what the first few classes might involve? (This is a local community college class, so visiting beforehand is not an option.)

And, does anyone have experience training in a college-PE-class setting as opposed to a dojo? The teacher is a local sensei, so I'm expecting the instruction to be good, but it seems like a public-school semester class would have to have some different structure compared to a dojo where training is ongoing. My boyfriend is signed up also, and concerned about this re: some health issues that might impact his training. I keep telling him that Aikido seems to be an adaptable art and he can probably train around the bad shoulder, but he wonders if the classroom setting will force a more rigid expectation of what students must accomplish to earn credit for the course. Any thoughts there?

Yes, I know these questions will all be answered next week... but I'm too eager to wait! Appreciate your help and perspectives, and look forward to joining the conversations here. :)

crbateman 01-25-2006 10:49 PM

Re: Starting Aikido next week - yay!
It's good that you're eager, Cynthia. That said, it should be pointed out that NOTHING anyone can say here in response to your questions will have the slightest effect on what you will actually experience next week. Many things may be similar, many others are likely to be different. All that matters is the training. Put your trust in your instructor, and train joyfully, with an open mind and a smile. Relax and enjoy the journey. Read and soak up the history and color of Aikido. You are only a beginner once, but if you're very lucky, you always will be a beginner (it may take time for you to understand my meaning). And welcome aboard the forums.

akiy 01-26-2006 08:36 AM

Re: Starting Aikido next week - yay!
Hi Cynthia,

Welcome to AikiWeb.

-- Jun

DarkShodan 01-26-2006 09:17 AM

Re: Starting Aikido next week - yay!
In my experience school MA programs are a little different than those outside the local colleges/universities. Can't say for sure what your experience will be like, since we are not all the same. Just go to class and you'll figure it out from there. I know some guys in the Orange County area and they're all good guys. Probably the only expectations you'll have are those you put on yourself. Just get to training! The rest will fall into place.

Cyntada 01-26-2006 09:40 PM

Re: Starting Aikido next week - yay!
Thanks, all, for the welcome and encouragements. Looking forward to being in the process and seeing what the journey will bring.

Edwin Neal 01-26-2006 09:53 PM

Re: Starting Aikido next week - yay!
Good luck Cynthia, stretching is good no matter what physical activity you are doing... your boyfriend should be able to practice carefully, and avoid injuring, re injuring his shoulder... in my experience my college class was nearly identical to classes at the dojo... usually you bow in, stretch and warm up, practice some aiki taiso(aikido specific exercises), and ukemi(falling/rolling skills) then the instructor demonstrates techniques and the class practices them... a class usually ends with a randori(free form practice?) and bowing out... although this differs from style to style... just follow along and enjoy yourself... good luck...

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