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AikiWeb System 01-10-2006 09:13 AM

New Issue of "Aikido East" USAF Online Newsletter
Posted 2006-01-10 09:12:51 by Jun Akiyama
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There's a new issue of the "Aikido East," the USAF online newsletter up. Yamada sensei's editorial relates the news that USAF will "move toward unifying the federation on a national level instead of keeping the regional model we have now." There are also articles, seminar photos, dan promotions information, and much more. Be sure to take a look!

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Miguelspride67 01-31-2006 01:01 PM

Re: New Issue of "Aikido East" USAF Online Newsletter
Which exactly could be the purpose of this action?. Is there something big coming up. What about some day USAF Meeting FLA in some event. Could it be any probability for this to happen?

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