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cathia 11-21-2005 01:51 PM

helloo there
hello every body im a new user to this site..
i don't know what to say see you

Steve Mullen 11-21-2005 02:54 PM

Re: helloo there
hi cathia, welcome to the site, there are many many people here with a wealth of knowledge, but don't let that put you off :) :D
have fun searching the posts and posting some stuff yourself,

Oh and unless you like really bad jokes the humour forum isn't the best place to go ;)

RobertFortune 11-21-2005 03:11 PM

Re: helloo there
Aloha Cathia,

I've never seen or met anyone with your given name of Cathia. Is it a Lebanese name? Sorry for the questions but over here no news of your country (Lebanon) has reached us in at least a decade. Is Cathia a man's name or a woman's name? Anyway, nice to meet you. Peace, Justice & Love.



"And you found the eyes to see. Don't let it stop. Never fade away." - George Harrison

akiy 11-21-2005 03:18 PM

Re: helloo there
Hi Cathia,

Welcome to AikiWeb.

-- Jun

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