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AikiWeb System 09-22-2005 01:53 PM

Article: Revolution by Ross Robertson
Discuss the article, "Revolution" by Ross Robertson here.

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Thalib 09-08-2006 02:00 AM

Re: Article: Revolution by Ross Robertson

Your article is one of the explanations that I want to illustrate regarding "center" or "one point" ( 一点 ).

The image that shows the three planes intersecting each other at one point, was similar to what I have imagined. The only difference was that I imagined it in circular fields creating a sphere.

I agree with the egocentricity that you mentioned. There is a third center, like you point out in the article. The way I visualize it is that the uke and tori's center expand in a sphere and then it will meet in a tangent point creating the third center.

Of course this does not necessarily exclusive to seika-tanden/itten, it could also refer to the point when two opposing forces meet. For example: when nage is accepting a shomen, there is a point made between the uke's arm and the nage's arm, where the forces regardless which one is stronger, cancels each other out - the third center.

Well... I guess what I'm talking right now is gibberish because I'm trying to put the visuals inside my head into words. I guess it's not easy as it seems. Tried it in my multiply page .

R.A. Robertson 05-09-2008 10:57 AM

Re: Article: Revolution by Ross Robertson
Thanks for writing. I'm pretty sure I agree with what you are saying... it does not sound like gibberish to me.

If you prefer circular representations to linear ones, please refer to my article

although there I am focusing on the single body system rather than multiple.

Good training to you!


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