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Dirk Hanss 07-19-2005 05:21 AM

No rank - no titles : well started now
Hi there,
I have been reading the thread for some time now, so I thought, now you should know, who is the guy writing all the BS.
Born in 1961 i started martial ats with 15 as Karateka. I did parctice Karate for 6 years, ending up with a 2nd Kyu and some ranks in semi-kontact Karate. Nothing special, but I am proud of.

The biggest problem that I faced, was being participant in the German Youth Championship, fighting against one guy, that was just much better - the new champion in the 68 kg class, and another one I couldn't reach, because of his enourmous length. I knew I would loose, but I wanted to loose upright, i.e. at least have a few points. And I tried to get them Anwhere, anyhow. And my punches and kicks became more and more uncontrolled. Iknew someone could have been hurt, but I took this into account, not in a real fight, but in a tournament and just for my ego.
That was the beginning of the end of my Karate career.

In 1988 I saw an advertisement about an Aikido starter class. I just tried and was fascinated.
When I moved to Trier a little bit later, I looked for Aikido and found it in the local police sports club - and they were proud of being the only department without any single police officer as member, as a proof how peaceful it was. I did train there for a couple of years, but without graduation, as in that time graduations in Aikikai Germany could have only be taken by Asai Sensei on seminars, which was too complicated for me. I just liked my "Japanes Dancing Course". I stopped when the training schedule did not match any longer my professional time schedule.
After moving into the Frankfurt (am Main) area (all Germany), I found a dojo that is quite easy to reach from my office in end of 2003.
They just started Aikido as complementary training to Judo and Karate with a Sensei having learned in Uruguay, Washington D.C (Saotome), and Japan.
So our style is quite similar to A.S.U. as I was told. It looks a little bit more martial to me than what I was used to in Asai related dojos, but one reason are those strong Judoka, who tend to be not very co-operative.

At the time being, in spite of about 17 years experience in Aikido I am holding the 4th kyu (out of 6).

That was a preety long essay though. :drool:



akiy 07-19-2005 08:17 AM

Re: No rank - no titles : well started now
Hi Dirk,

Nice to have your introduction! Thanks, and welcome to AikiWeb.

-- Jun

Dirk Hanss 09-25-2007 08:39 AM

Re: No rank - no titles : well started now
In the mean time, I did not only got my 3rd kyu but also my 2nd kyu (yesterday). Between these two tests there were 23 month, so I really needed to work on myself - less about learning details of techniques but very much about perceiving my partners' power, direction, ability to react on my action and last but not least developing sensitivity for myself (posture, (non-)intention, etc.

I am far away from satisfatory skills (sometimes I think I could be satisfied, though), but I felt a lot of improvement, and not the least reasons seem to be the two weekend seminars, I could see Ikeda Hiroshi sensei, whom I met in May this year in France and in August in the Netherlands.

A weekend with him is by far not enough, but if you are able to deepen the little ideas you might have soaked in, it can be an enormous step forward.



Marie Noelle Fequiere 09-25-2007 12:00 PM

Re: No rank - no titles : well started now
Beleive me, this was very interesting reading.
Losing control in a Karate fight? I know what you mean.:D
I admire your courage and your perseverance on the often tracheous martial way. Welcome to the Aikiweb, to the fun, and convivial information and support sharing.;)

Dirk Hanss 09-25-2007 02:34 PM

Re: No rank - no titles : UPDATE
Haha :D :cool:

Dear Marie,
guess I confused you, My introduction was about 2 (TWO) years ago, I just wanted to share my new success.

But if it made you read my old post and think about it, I appreciate.

Yes it is hard to realise, how many agrression and violent potential lies in someone beleiving himself a pacifist. But just refraining from martial art is only suppression, not a solution. So I guess with aikido I really found my WAY.



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