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ALine Filipe 06-15-2005 02:32 AM

Ushi deshi?? Aikikai or Iwama Ryo?
I there...

I'm quite rookie in this parade (and my english is quite a mess) so i'll be as fast as i can...

i know there's a system at Iwama where we can come and stay as ushi deshi for a couple of days... but i'm from Aikikai and i don't know if my graduation is belived by the other organization... my question is... Does Aikikai use the same system?

my problem isn't my granduation. I've done a seminars with Hitohiro Saito and i've loved specially the bukiwaza... at the class of aikijutsu i saw that there're few differences (which i liked some of them) but what i like the most is the one from Aikikai...

i'd like, if could, to be an ushi deshi of both but someone told me that i can't be in 2 sides at the both time... that person sure is right but there's something in my mind that says not to hear everyone... I'd like to learn from both sides.

I know if i want to do it all i'll finished doing nothing but my dreams are a bit messy cause i don't know where to turn...

ps. i hope you understand what i've said...

grondahl 06-15-2005 03:36 AM

Re: Ushi deshi?? Aikikai or Iwama Ryo?
For information regarding Uchideshi at Tanrenkan Dojo (H.Saito)

But you can also stay as uchideshi and train for Hiroaki Nemoto Sensei. I attended his seminar in Göteborg a couple of weeks ago and got a very nice impression of him.

It´s not possible to train at both the Tanrenkan Dojo and the Aikikai Ibaragi Branch Dojo.

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