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AikiWeb System 04-23-2001 10:18 AM

12/31/1969 4:59pm [from Jun Akiyama]

Morihiro Saito sensei (9th dan, Aikikai) will be returning again to Rohnert Park, California this year on September 21st and 22nd. More information about this event may be found on this website which includes images and videos from last year's seminar. Anyone planning on attending this seminar?

Greg Jennings 04-23-2001 11:05 AM


Originally posted by AikiWeb News
Anyone planning on attending this seminar? [/b]
My instructor and I are attending. We were there last year and had a blast.

On the main page of the site you mention, under the "Rohnert" you can see me and, I think, Cindy Paloma doing morotedori.

Tangentially, if you look closely at the picture, and compare it to the last picture on the "Images" page, I think you'll see that it's reversed.


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