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Aikido Kenkyukai International 25th Anniversary
Posted 2005-04-11 06:43:31 by Chicko, A.K.I. Fudoshin dojo Sunshine Coast Australia
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This May 2005 marks the 25th anniversary of a collaborative Aikido Network establishment, which has culminated from an expanded body of National dojo into an Aikido International Bridge, linking people from its foundation in Japan through to countries like Australia, New Zealand the USA and Canada.
To mark this milestone a contingent of 30+ Aikido men and women from various states around Australia will meet in Kamakura to join in celebrating with our Japanese brothers and sisters. Apart from Aikido and the after training parties there is our yearly Enbukai and banquet honouring Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba and later in the week an Enbukai with Takeda shihan, followed by an excursion to visit the great Isoyama shihan, Iwama and the Aiki shrine. This anniversary event is a key point in the history of Aikido Kenkyukai International and is a credit to the memorable efforts of the early founder, Mr Stewart Letford, who was assisted by the late (Robert Gibbons), also Ralph Pettman and Stephen Seymour, who collaborated to form a framework with Takeda Yoshinobu shihan and his Aikido Networks.

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