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Hagen Seibert 04-07-2005 05:07 PM


I found J. Krishnamurtiīs ideas about violence quite interesting match to the ideals of Aikido.

I am searching for the original text of one of his books which is not available to me.
The name of the book is: "Freedom from the Known"
The chapterīs title is "Violence"

In my foreign edition the relevant text is on Page 55,57,58 in a book of 120 pages and should read something like this (which is my translation back into English)

"To be beyond violence, I must not surpress it, not deny it, must not say: ‘Itīs a part of me and thatīs it.' Or ‘I reject it."….. Stop to condem it or to justify it!"

"To be free themselves from violent behaviour, some people have taken up a concept, an ideal, which they call non-violence, and they believe through this ideal of non-violence as a contradiction to violence they would be able to free themselves from the fact of violence -- but they canīt ! We have had ideals without number, every holy book is full of them, yet we are still violent. ….. Why donīt we examine violence itself and forget the word completely ?"

"When you look at it and explore the notion to the last depth, it dissolves. But when you say: ‘I mustnīt hate, my heart must be full of love' then you are living in a treacherous world with double measurements."

Does anyone have this book and would you be willing to scan ot retype it ? Thanks for your help.

WuMarci 04-07-2005 08:56 PM

Re: krishnamurti
I don't have this particular book, but I found it for sale quite cheap on I have many other books by Krishnamurti, and I agree that his ideas fall right in line with the principles of aikido. You might say enlightened minds think alike. Reading Krishnamurti is a breath of fresh air!

Mashu 04-07-2005 11:06 PM

Re: krishnamurti
J Krishnamurti said and wrote many inspirational things during his long career. You should really read about his life though. It is very interesting. :)

wuwei 04-09-2005 06:07 AM

Re: krishnamurti
i do in fact have this book, kirshnamurti is great to read, let me go find it... erggg, im short on time now, but ill make sure to look for it after aikido this morning and then ill type it up, alright?

Hagen Seibert 04-09-2005 10:48 AM

Re: krishnamurti
Hi David,

many thanks for your help.
In the meantime I could order it from amazon/superbookdeals for a reasonable price.

Nevertheless I would like to discuss the statements here.
So if you like please type, otherwise Iīll do so once Iīve got the book.


wuwei 04-14-2005 06:46 PM

Re: krishnamurti

I'm really sorry, I' currently unable to find my book... I havent been able to look for it for very long I admit, bogged down with tests (a junior in high school) but spring break begins tomorrow, so ill make an effort to find it then. ONce again, sorry about that.

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