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Chocolateuke 06-30-2000 08:59 AM

how are Aikido students like cows? They warmup when everybody else does, they throw when everybody else does ( although there are people sitting down waiting for there turn) and finally they leave when everybody else does. point is cows do things in a group and so do aikidoka

wayback 07-26-2000 01:12 PM

i thought it was because of the black and white gi & hakama.... ?

No wonder we get tenderized all of the time!


BC 07-26-2000 02:17 PM

Gives new meaning to the term "cow tipping."

wayback 07-26-2000 02:31 PM

addtl. weapons training?
maybe senseis everywhere will pick up lassos as extra weapons for training (with) us students!

maybe cowpies would make good practice for breakfalls -- step on one wrong, take the fall, but make sure you land right AND miss the cowpie on landing!

then again, dodging dried cowpies instead of strikes may be good practice for the "just get out of the way" (tenkan) moves!


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