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Fred26 03-19-2005 09:22 AM

Akira Tohei?
Hello...just a quick question. Was Akira Tohei related to Koichi Tohei in any way?

crbateman 03-19-2005 10:56 AM

Re: Akira Tohei?
No relation, except maybe extremely distant cousins, much like any two people named Jones (or Hall). It is a coincidence that they were born nine years apart in the same province. Koichi Tohei Sensei was also one of Akira Sensei's earliest instructors at Hombu.

Fred26 03-19-2005 10:35 PM

Re: Akira Tohei?
Oki doki. Thanks mate. :)

BC 03-21-2005 11:53 AM

Re: Akira Tohei?
From what I have been told, there was no relationship between their families at all.

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