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dave 06-30-2000 06:20 AM

one was on dialasis,the other lookked very much like a fat dumpy guy with glasses,these were amazing people with inner resorces thr Average person cant imagine having.also the sensi who inspired me to start aikido was very,very old,and I saw an art for all people that didnt AGE you art and age was a benifit

Nick 06-30-2000 02:43 PM

I knew of a sensei who taught Aikido when he was 80- he had white hair, wrinkled skin, and was barely 5 feet tall. Yet, he was one of the greatest martial artists the world has ever known. This frail looking old man taught almost a million people at the time of his death. In case you haven't figured it out yet, the old, wrinkled person of whom I speak is Morihei Ueshiba.

If you judged O-sensei by looks alone, I doubt you could find much respect for him.


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