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Chocolateuke 06-29-2000 11:25 PM

I am Deaf (not all the way but have a very servere case). in fact I was Born Deaf. I love to train the arts. I took up Aikido 2 years ago. I am a 7kyu. in my Dojo that is pretty fast considering the time. two one and one half classes ( children i am 15 and go to school so...) and one 2 hour class on saturday (teens and Adults round up)and I have a hearing aid. it is a problem. I got a new mold for my ear because my other one has slipped off a lot. so then the new one falls off when ever I get thrown at least 5 times. it is a drag. my teacher says that if i leave my hearing aid out ill learn more. Do any of you have any ideas? And does anybody know any device that would keep a hearing aid on during sports and practice? thanks

akiy 06-30-2000 03:40 PM

Why not try for a week without your hearing aid and see how it goes?

A lot of people who wear glasses will take their glasses off when training. Why? To stop relying upon having their glasses since it can get knocked off during a confrontation.

I just found this link that may help you:

-- Jun

Nick 06-30-2000 07:51 PM

Either that, or find a way to keep your hearing aid in. There's a guy in my dojo who has blood sugar problems and is deaf in one ear, and still shows up every chance he gets. Such is his devotion...

It'd be the same as if you went to the Aikikai Hombu- you wouldn't be able to make out all of what they were saying (with some exceptions for those are fluent), but I would think you would learn a lot...



Chocolateuke 07-01-2000 10:31 AM

thanks for the website Jun I Really like the replys. I am deaf in my right ear and have a "half" ear in my left. I will try one week without a hearing aid probely not this week sense I once forgot my fm system. ( it is a little booth that stays on my hearing aid andmy teachers at shcool were a microphone so I can here them better thatn the studenst.) thanks for the site and advice.

Erik 07-03-2000 02:56 AM

The value of the spoken word is way overrated, usually by those doing the speaking.

I've read that something like 7% of communication takes place verbally. I'd bet in the martial arts it's even less. So will you be missing that much? Witness how many times you've been told to do something but don't get it whereas if you feel it you get it?

Then there's the times where I wished I could turn off the monotonous sound found at a dojo. Some sensei just won't shut up. I know I'm supposed to glean every bit from their pearly wisdom but Keyrist maybe they could bullet point, give it to us after class or put it on their web site. When every response is "uh huh!" the folks have stopped listening but to some it's a sign they are on a roll.

I'm with Jun, give it a week and see what happens.

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