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jpjaqua 01-13-2005 04:31 PM

Howdy All
I've been using this site to help me with Japanese terms and aikido terms for different techniques and attack and finally decided to register. I've wanted to get into Aikido ever since my first experience with some Aikido in other martial arts. I've been in Choy Li Fut, GoJu Ryu, Chung Moo Do and Karate for about a year each. I finally got lucky and found a great Aikido dojo right up the street and have been at it for about 5 months. Aikido is much more interesting than anything I have ever encountered. The idea of moving away/in to an attack, taking and maintaining the centers, blending with the attack and extending your Ki feels much better and gives me much more confidence than hopefully blocking an attack and hitting them before they hit me. lolů I don't really enjoy hitting people anyway. I believe that any martial art you choose is good and will work as long as you stick with, and understand, it.

Quick Side Note: I just bought a Bokken and Jo from King Fisher Woodworks and strongly suggest that anyone looking for some serious weapons to train with checks them out.

akiy 01-13-2005 04:49 PM

Re: Howdy All
Hi Jason,

I'm glad the site has been useful to you so far. Welcome!

-- Jun

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