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maikerus 10-17-2004 10:54 PM

Yoshinkan in or near Boston?
Hi All,

I have a couple of students leaving Japan and heading back to the US at the end of the month. They've been part of my dojo for a couple of years and want to keep training.

Does anyone know of any Yoshinkan dojos in Boston or the nearby area? I checked the dojo search engine and a couple of other places but no luck.

Failing that, can anyone recommend a good dojo for them to go train at when they get to Boston.

Thanks in advance for your help.




Steven 10-18-2004 08:38 AM

Re: Yoshinkan in or near Boston?

There are no Yoshinkan schools in Boston at this time. Sounds like a great opportunity for your students to start one up. There is a school in Philadelphia and in New York. You might want to check out Utada Sensei's website and see if he has any affiliated dojo's in the Boston area.

Or maybe Mr. "RON" can chime in .....

There are many schools in the Boston area. Mostly Aikikai, not that that is a bad thing.

Good luck ...

Ron Tisdale 10-18-2004 09:36 AM

Re: Yoshinkan in or near Boston?
Affiliated with the Doshinkan and Utada Sensei:

Boston Aiki Center
Millennium BioFitness Center
640 Memorial Drive
Cambridge, MA 02139
Contact: John Chan

If I hear of any more info, I'll post it here...I have trained a bit with John, and he's really quite good.


maikerus 10-21-2004 12:14 AM

Re: Yoshinkan in or near Boston?
Thanks Guys,

I'll pass these on to my students.



Gareth Hinds 10-21-2004 03:46 PM

Re: Yoshinkan in or near Boston?
Both New England Aikikai and Shobu are excellent schools, but not Yoshinkan. NEAikikai is USAF and Shobu is ASU, both of which are under the Aikikai umbrella if I understand correctly. I've trained at both, and they each have different strengths which are worth checking out. I never heard of any Yoshinkan schools in the area, although I think there are quite a few schools of different styles if you extend your search farther out into the suburbs.

Rabih Shanshiry 04-30-2009 09:54 AM

Re: Yoshinkan in or near Boston?
Thought I'd update this thread in case there was anyone else out there looking for Yoshinkan instruction in the Boston area. I do not believe the Boston Aiki Center is still active as I am under the impression that John Chan now teaches in Hong Kong.

The Goshinkan Dojo recently opened in Newton, MA. It is an affiliate of the AANA and the Doshinkan in Philadelphia. I train there under Josh Nathan Sensei who studied under Utada Sensei in PA for many years as well as at the Yoshinkan Honbu Dojo in Japan.

It's a great environment and I'd encourage anyone in the Boston area interested in Yoshinkan style Aikido to come visit.

You can learn more about the school and contact Nathan Sensei here:

Toby Bazarnick 05-04-2009 08:39 AM

Re: Yoshinkan in or near Boston?
Thanks for the info and welcome to the neighborhood!

Goshinkan dojo (est. 2007)

Josh Nathan, 2nd dan Yoshinkan Aikido, offers 2 classes:
Sun 10:30am-noon
Wed 6-7:30pm

Esposito's Karate/Fitness
230 Adams Street
Newton, MA 02458

I could not find any dojo videos, so here's a Yoshinkan clip that shows the focus of the movements and choreography:

Here's a video of Robert Mustard, 7th dan Yoshinkan doing a seminar in Hawaii:

This sensei was one of the characters in the book "Angry White Pyjamas". The author of this book relates his experience of going through the intense 1-year aikido training course (culminating in a black belt) that is done by the Tokyo police.

Intense stuff and looks like it's accessible to new learners as techniques are broken into memorizeable postures and steps.

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