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Yokaze 09-28-2004 01:09 PM

Help me choose my weapons techs!!
I am taking a third kyu test in the near future, and my sensei allows us to choose our own weapons techniques, ones that we feel best show our skill. I have a lot to choose from because I have taken classes that focus on weapons alone. I need help figuring out what would be appropriate for this test.

Here's what I'm capable of:


7 ken suburi
Happogiri (though without the finesse I'd like)
First 5 kumitachi


31-count kata (single)
17 of the 20 jo suburi techniques (still having trouble with the two flowing techniques and one of the wrist-turning techniques)
First 4 kumijo
First 2 kentaijo (Ken vs. Jo)

I's really like some help... or if there's something else I should learn for the test, I'd love the advice.


MaryKaye 09-28-2004 03:00 PM

Re: Help me choose my weapons techs!!
If you have the time to pull it off, nothing impresses a teacher like choosing your *worst* technique, and getting it up to a good level by testing time. You'll learn the most this way, too.

Mary Kaye

Yokaze 09-28-2004 04:26 PM

Re: Help me choose my weapons techs!!
I like that idea. I'll work on my Happogiri. Thanks! ^_^

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