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Robert Kubo Shihan at Orange County Aikikai
Posted 2004-09-24 17:13:50 by OC Aikido

ArraySeptember 17-19, 2004 marked the final installment of events for Orange County Aikikai's (Santa Ana, CA) 40th Anniversary Celebration as it hosted Robert Kubo Shihan and Tommy Kaulukukui Sensei (Aikido Hawaii International) for a vibrant weekend of aikido training.

Kubo Shihan and Kaulukukui Sensei emphasize weapons training for the first two days of the seminar, instructing various of bokken katas and jo takeaways. On the last day, Kubo Shihan took a very interesting approach by providing a historical overview of the influences of Hawaiian aikido and incorporating it during practice. Kubo Shihan basically looked at the same technique - and surveyed different applications as taught by those who shaped Hawaiian aikido.

It was truly an honor and a pleasure to be able to host such wonderful instructors throughout this eventful year. On behalf of Orange County Aikikai, we would like to thank Robert Kubo Shihan and Tommy Kaulukukui Sensei for crossing the "Pacific pond" to enlighten us with their aikido knowledge.

We recognize and thank all of this year's wonderful guest instructors, all of whom provided excellent instruction: Hiroshi Ikeda Shihan, Walter Muryasz Sensei, Francis Takahashi Sensei and Hideki Shiohira Shihan.

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