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senshincenter 06-28-2004 05:04 PM

Cover Pictures of "Aikido"
Hi All,

I'm wondering if together we can't compile the various cover pictures for Kisshomaru's Ueshiba's "Aikido" - as a way of gaining some more insight into Aikido's history. Mr. Pranin has offered the cover for the 1957 publication at (see picture of the day). It would be interesting to match various covers to various other events in the Aikikai that were happening at or around the same time - should such connections prove relative. In such a case, a picture may indeed be worth a thousand words.

I have the cover for the 1985 book - which has Kisshomaru Ueshiba on the cover performing a ni-nin dori kokyu-nage. Does anyone else out there have other covers. I will scan my cover in as soon as I get my scanner up and running again. If you have other covers, please provide them along with the dates of publication.

Much Appeciation,

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