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Big Dave 05-15-2004 11:42 PM

North American Aikido Association?
Hi. I recently took and passd my first test for 6th Kyu. The certificate that I received says "North American Aikido Association." Is that the same thing as the "Aikido Association of North America" based out of Philly? Has anyone heard of this organization? I cannot find it on the web.... :freaky:

Greg Jennings 05-16-2004 06:12 AM

Re: North American Aikido Association?

I looked at the website, , of the dojo in your profile. There was no information in it about who the aikido instructor trained with.

The bio says "recently promoted to 4th dan". That would mean an on-going relationship with an instructor.

On the AikiWeb dojo search page for Avon Kempo Aikido, it says "Affiliation: None". It also says "Style: Aikikai". So, probably not the AANC.

Bottom line: You should find out who your instructor trained with and who promoted him.


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