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GabrielMar 03-25-2004 03:08 PM

sprained ankle
Alright, here's what I did...

I was walking down the street one night (dry and a tad cold) on the sidewalk and not really paying attention. My left ankle buckled for no reason and I fell and heard a "POP". I thought to myself, "I hope that was something in my bag that popped!" I tried to stand up and realized that it was not something in my bag that popped. I thought I had broke my leg! Bad uke on my part.

I made it to the hospital and found out it was a major sprain. I also tore the sheath that wraps around the ligament. It was extremely painful. I missed two days of work and was not able to practice 2/3rds of my hobbies (Aikido and mountain biking) while the brace was on (4-5 weeks).

It has been 6 weeks since the accident and the brace is off. I can ride my bike up to 10 miles before my ankle bothers me. I feel there is no way I can go to the dojo though. I can't sit in seiza, and I am afraid of my ankle rolling again. The doctor said I may not be able to do any martial arts for up to 6 months (I know, listen to the doctor), and this sucks! I just started Aikido and I really miss it.

Really, I'm just kind of venting here. I am looking for any advice in this context though. I searched for other injury threads and most of them were of the broken toe and getting cut up by long nails variety. I plan on going back to my dojo soon and talking with them about my ankle. Maybe they'll let me watch and take notes or clean the dojo or something!


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