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Chris Birke 12-13-2003 05:06 PM

What the hell?

And... discuss!

Thalib 12-13-2003 05:25 PM

This is all I can say...

"Say what?"

aikidoc 12-13-2003 06:34 PM

This looks like one for the Baffling budo section on e-budo.

tedehara 12-13-2003 08:42 PM

Looks like blended aikido to me.

Michael Young 12-13-2003 09:08 PM

Well, there's really not much to say. I think anyone sincerely practicing Aikido knows this for what it is...blatant commercialism and self promotion at work. It's happened before and will happen again, and unfortunately this kind of bunk will attract a certain crowd. Maybe large mayber small(let's hope small). Just keep practicing with a sincere mind and heart, I say...and don't crap like this worry you. Oh well, it gave me a good chuckle.

Best regards,


Chuck Clark 12-13-2003 09:59 PM

This fellow's stuff speaks for itself. It was only a matter of time before something like this showed up in the marketplace.

It's not worth another moment's thought...

p00kiethebear 12-14-2003 01:43 AM


shihonage 12-14-2003 05:54 AM


He came up with the name Aikidog, a "catchy" name to inspire those who thought Aikido was an "uncool" art to practice as a discipline that may interest them after they read about it.





wendyrowe 12-14-2003 07:11 AM

Listen, guys, I know it's not what you're looking for --- but that's my Sensei, and he is truly an excellent and dedicated aikidoka and teacher.

It's just that he also happens to be a professional fighter and UFC veteran, and has been working for years to show people that aikido really is effective.

The writing style's not to my taste, I'll admit, but Jason DeLucia's the real thing. If you're ever in Massachusetts, come visit our dojo. He comes across much better in class than on the web.

wendyrowe 12-14-2003 07:42 AM

I should have said Jason Sensei has been trying to show "outsiders" that aikido is effective. Most of us who are already training know that aikido is effective once we've learned enough.

Nafis Zahir 12-14-2003 08:56 AM


Wendy Rowe (wendyrowe) wrote:
Listen, guys, I know it's not what you're looking for --- but that's my Sensei, and he is truly an excellent and dedicated aikidoka and teacher.

Sorry Wendy,

But this site is garbage! Aikido has no kicks, it's not ju jitsu, it's not wrestling, it's not competitive, it's not violent, and most of all, it's a budo! No disrespect to your Sensei, but if this is what he wants to do, it's fine. But he shouldn't do it in the name of Aikido. Many people, such as myself, have studied other arts or tried to tie other things in with aikido for different reasons, such as for self defense on the street. But when representing Aikido, these things should be left out!

indomaresa 12-14-2003 09:17 AM

hear, hear

Don_Modesto 12-14-2003 12:10 PM

Wait a minute--Aikido for the MMA crowd?! They'd laugh him outta da park. The connection between aikido and economic success is not intuitively evident; perhaps not even empirically demonstrable.

Misguided, perhaps; ill-informed, maybe--but commercialism?

Don't think so myself.

Kieun 12-14-2003 02:41 PM

Well, the content of the site nonewithstanding, the design of the site is really confusing and convoluted.

Wendy, how has your sensei done in these matches? Has he used aikido primarily or is he mixing and matching with other arts? And finally, when he teaches in class, does he teach aikido or does he teach MMA with aikido as a component?

wendyrowe 12-14-2003 03:45 PM

His fight record is 34-20-1, so he's won lots more than he's lost.

I don't know much about MMA fighting so I can't say much about his technique in matches. But what I've seen includes aikido techniques and submissions but also stuff nothing like what we do in class (kicks, punches).

When Sensei teaches our aikido class, he teaches traditional aikido. Kuzushi is very important. He doesn't muscle his way through techniques and doesn't let us; when he sees us using brute force instead of kuzushi, he works with us until we get it. We use atemi, but it's a diversionary flick in some techniques, we don't go around punching people.

He also teaches a pancrase hybrid jujitsu class, and he's taught some MMA fighters, and he talks with interested students about effective "real world" fighting -- but his aikido class is pure aikido.

I'll be glad to answer other questions from you all, either here or you can PM me. Thanks to all of you for not flaming at me, I was worried when I first replied on this thread.

fvhale 12-14-2003 04:17 PM

In a Japanese reference, Delucia's aikido style is called "combat aikido" or "sport aikido." He actually has a very impressive fight history which can easily be found on the Web, if you want to look for that sort of thing. A better "visual" presentation is a the Seishin page,

I doubt you would see many "traditional" aikido instructors in that "uniform."

We just had an outstanding "traditional" aikido sensei bow out. I hope we don't have a similar experience with this "sport/combat" aikido sensei, if he should decide to join the forum.

fvhale 12-14-2003 04:39 PM

Just for the record, although I don't compete (are you kidding? I'm old enough to be the father of the retiring champions in my local karate dojo), I support those who practice "sport" martial arts. They put a lot into it, and they get a lot out of it. I'm not going to hold them up to whatever poor understanding I might have of "tradition." I have no problem with aikidog, or what Mr. DeLucia does, although the word confused me, being perhaps too old for the "coolness" of it all. At first I was thinking of akita dog sales, you know, those Japanese dogs. I'm slow.

sanosuke 12-14-2003 07:03 PM

Welcome To Aikidog The Combat Aikido Website

:confused: :confused: :confused: :eek: !!!!

aikidoc 12-14-2003 07:23 PM


What are Jason's Aikido credentials? He did not show what his aikido rank or affiliation are on the site. At least I could not find it.

I'm curious.

jk 12-14-2003 07:36 PM

Well, at least he wasn't dressed in a red hakama. Wendy, any chance of convincing your instructor to jump into these forums? Most people here are nice; it's the shallow end of the internet pool after all. ;)

BTW, since you started this thread, what's your take on it, Chris?

fvhale 12-14-2003 07:52 PM

Hello. Jason Delucia is actually registered with AikiWeb, although he has not posted since Feb. in the "NHB Fighting and Aikido" thread. His posts seem pretty friendly.

Maybe Chris, who started this thread, should send Jason an email invitation to join the discussion of his site? (Might be better than talking about him "behind his back.")

(Also, I think Jason really does have an akita, so I don't feel so dumb about getting confused about the dog thing.)

Chris Birke 12-14-2003 08:03 PM

I've known about him for quite some time, he has written on this forum before with regard to MMA, actually.

Delucia definately has done a lot of martial arts. He does a lot of traditional Kung Fu and Daito Ryu, and is one of the few practicitioners of these arts still brave enough to enter a ring. (Kung Fu seems to be effectivly destroyed if grappling is allowed)

He hasnt't made himself a champion, or figured out something that works better than ground and pound, but he's trying.

I've heard second hand stories of his integrity, but they were mostly regarding Delucia's fights with Royce (both official and non). Never met him myself, so it'd be silly to judge.

I am interested in applications of Aikido philosophy to what may be new and more effective techniques. Delucia is trying to apply aikido technique to the MMA ring world. I'm quite interested to see if THAT works.

Otherwise, his website is silly. He needs a publicity manager. I'd noticed some people on this forum from his dojo, and that's why I figure'd I'd mention it and stir things up a bit.

Chris Birke 12-14-2003 08:06 PM

BTW, I don't really care that it's Jason Delucia doing this. I'm curious as to how people react to his Aikido, and thats why I posted.

It's so appliciable.

PeterR 12-14-2003 08:19 PM


Nafis Zahir wrote:
Aikido has no kicks, it's not ju jitsu, it's not wrestling, it's not competitive, it's not violent, and most of all, it's a budo!

No comment on the site but ....

the above is a whole lot of what Aikido is and what its not. Don't be so sure and more specifically are you telling me the jujutsu and arts the include competition and kicks are not Budo?

To be Budo the martial must be maintained. How one does this varies.

Erik 12-14-2003 08:34 PM


Nafis Zahir wrote:
Aikido has no kicks

I don't know if you've heard of Hans Goto or not. He's a 6th dan and one of M. Saito's first students. Hell of a nice guy too. A few years back he did a series of articles on kick defenses in Aikido Journal magazine. I've seen several sensei's kick during their technique.

it's not ju jitsu
True, in a way, but it's not far removed either.

it's not competitive
A number of folks compete. The foremost are the Shodokan folks.

it's not violent
We've been here before but it depends on your definition of violence.

But when representing Aikido, these things should be left out!
Only if they are not part of it in the first place and regrettably that is not so certain.

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