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Suzanne Cooper 10-20-2003 09:15 PM

:( I'm so sad and not training this week at all...
Oh, I'm so disgusted. I'm taking the week of from training to try to get healed of an injury to my right deltoid muscle.

In backwards style, I'll go ahead and tell you the moral of this story: if you get in the shower and forget something, do without it! And never walk around your bathroom in wet feet, even if you have non-skid bathmats. Here's what happened, 'cos I'm sad and hoping y'all will find it in your hearts to please cheer me up... :blush:

Five weeks ago, I forgot a washcloth when I got into the shower. I got out to get one, being CAREFUL to walk on the huge, non-skid bathmats that carpet my bathroom. I'm afraid of falling in the bathroom because the overwhelming majority of deaths from accidents at home result from falls in bathrooms.

Well, somehow my left foot went out from underneath me and I slammed onto the side of the enameled bathtub--I guess--I've never had an accidently happen so fast that I really couldn't tell exactly what happened before I hit the tub. I do know with certainty that if it had been my head that hit, I would be in a cemetery right now.

Anyway, I drove to work holding ice on my shoulder. The bruise took seven days to fully develop. It was 6" by 4". It itched and got very warm. It hurt so bad it would wake me up whenever I rolled over on it. Still wakes me up with pain when I roll over on it.

Besides a large, brown, discolored spot, the exterior bruise appearance has healed. The spot is still very sore to the touch and still has a spot that is warm.

I'm going to take care of it this week, and if I'm not 100% better by the weekend, I'll go to a doctor. It's been five weeks, it should be well by now.

I'm really scared that I've seriously injured myself. The bruise was the worst my mother, a former nurse's aid, had ever seen. It frightened my children.

I'm just really scared and sad right now.

Lan Powers 10-20-2003 09:37 PM

Suzanne, That sounds like the worst bruise EVER! Sometimes it takes a while for one to fade if there is a lot of blood trapped between layers of tissue from a ruptured vessel. Try some warm compresses on your arm. They will make it feel better, as well ass promote the dispersal of the blood into your bodies waste.

Sorry you haven't gotten to train this week......I know I hate to miss out on one of my sessions. (only two 2-hr classes a week with one for 1-hr)

You could also try some of the linements that are available through the oriental markets. I like Eagle Brand Medicated oil. Bruises heal much quicker, although this stuff smells WAY too minty for most.


Suzanne Cooper 10-20-2003 09:51 PM

Thank you so much. I hadn't thought of warmth and linements. I'll do it!

I've got some Mineral Ice. And I've got epsom salts--I could make a hot compress with an epsom salts solution then put Mineral Ice on it.

I'm off! :)

Amelia Smith 10-21-2003 06:15 AM

I've found that arnica gel helps bruises heal much faster. It doesn't smell as strongly as the other things, and you can't feel it right away, but it definitely seems to help.

Get well soon,


Victor Ditoro 10-21-2003 07:21 AM

Sorry to hear that, Suzanne. :( I hope to see you back on the mat soon. Hopefully once your feet get thoroughly calloused you'll be naturally non-slip. :)

By the way, did I read correctly that its been sore to the touch for almost 5 weeks now? If so, I'd probably go to the doctor...Of course, its different for every person but I've had some real deep and nasty bruises and I can't ever remember one being painful for more than a week or might have been colorful for longer than that, though.

jxa127 10-21-2003 07:26 AM


There's a chance you suffered a fracture, and not just a bruise. The deep bruising and swelling are often indications of a break -- especially in an area like the shoulder where there's not a lot of muscle covering the bone.

If I were you, I'd head to the doctor's office right away.



Leslie Parks 10-21-2003 08:47 AM


I strongly, strongly agree with Drew and Victor. Call your doctor. I'm sorry if this doesn't cheer you up, but it does sound like a medical professional should get a look at it pronto and if it's just a really nasty bruise then he/she can cheer you up. If it is not just a bruise then it can be taken care of properly which will speed your healing.

Best of luck,


aikidoc 10-21-2003 11:35 AM

If it is just a bruise and you can find someone who does kinesio taping it will help the bruise clear up faster. I used it on an elderly patient with her whole shoulder black and blue and it almost totally cleared up in about a week with kinesio tape-and it was a pretty ugly bruise too.

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