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AikiWeb System 09-29-2003 11:09 PM

A new review has been posted in the AikiWeb Book database:
Book Title: The Nishio Sensei Aikido Notebook
Book Author: Varjan, Stephi

Review author: John Clute
Rating given: 5 (out of 5)

This is probably the best book's on Nishio Sensei's style I have ever read. The beginning of the book is nice where Nishio gives his definition of Aikido and is personally written to the author. I really appreciate the way the Jo kata's were laid out. It took a little while to figure out how the movements worked but once I started the movements everything flowed. I liked the progressions of the seminars it sort of reminded me of a history lesson in Nishio Sensei's development of his techniques. One of the things I liked the most is the tennis court. It showed how the hands and feet worked while doing the technique, it's rather clever, novel and very effective.

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