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Aikidoka2000 11-21-2000 03:16 PM

Hello there fellow Aikidoka,
My name is Tom Dehn, and I work for a rather large Web hosting company. One
of the perks to my job is that I get a rather large server of my own for free. and I
can host domains for $2.00 per month. Right now, I have only my web site and a
few files up there, so I have tons of space left. I offer to this forum only, that if
your dojo or personal Aikido/Martial arts pages need a home for your domain, I
am at your disposal. I will give to you web space, unlimited POP accounts and
e-mails, auto responders and a whole other list of goodies. I can only have
around 10 or so domains, and I will only charge you what I am charged, which is
$2.00 per month, which you do not have to pay in advance. Just once a month is
you like. Basically I make no money off of this at all and offer this to my fellow
Aikido practitioners in the sprit of friendship. I am really on the level here, I am
offering a service that usually cost between $50 to $100.00 per month for just
cost. I repeat, please only reply if you are serious, as this is not a sales pitch and
there are no strings attached.
Anyway, if you would like more info,
please e-mail me at
Remember, the content should be Aikido or Martial arts oriented.
My site, which sells authentic katana, is here:
P.s. Yes, you can have your own CGI bin :)

jxa127 11-22-2000 08:07 AM


I'm very interested. Please e-mail me at and lets see if we can work something out.

-Drew Ames

Aikidoka2000 11-22-2000 01:03 PM

Hello Drew,
Glad to see you are interested! :)
My e-mail is

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