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AikiWeb System 05-14-2003 03:13 PM

5/14/2003 3:13pm [from John Burn]

I have just received word that Tom Moss sensei of Phoenix Aikido in Coventry, Great Britain, passed away at around 6pm on May 14th, 2003. Moss sensei was a 6th dan and the chief instructor for the Yama Arashi UK. He become ill after picking up an infection on top of the problems he was having with his breathing and was admitted to hospital on Sunday, May 4th. The club site at will soon be updated with more information. My condolences go out to Moss sensei's friends, family, and loved ones.

Ric Costigan 05-29-2003 05:39 PM

Tom Moss Sensei
The afternoon of Wednesday 28 May was a beautiful day, clear blue skies, and warm.

We said our last goodbyes to Tom Moss (Our) Sensei in a packed church in Coventry with at a guess over three hundred aiki associated colleagues & friends that had travelled from all over the UK and beyond, to be with him on his last journey. Among them were principals of other UK associations and officers of the British Aikido Board who held Tom in their esteem - my thanks to them for their thoughts.

Floral and verbal tributes were paid to him in glowing terms, with many of his current and previous students of 30+ years reappearing in varying states of disbelief, wondering how this man could leave us. He was only 59.

Tom enjoyed life, and stuck by his his way of showing a kind and caring attitude to all that entered his domain. We celebrated his life all that afternoon and evening, and some of us (he would have joined us if could )for a bit longer - it's now Thursday.

Cheers, Tom.

Ric Costigan

(per pro The Instructors)

Jim ashby 05-30-2003 08:12 AM

There was a great quote given by Tony Janew in his eulogy for Tom. It came from the film "as good as it gets". Jack Nicholoson's character says "you make me want to be a better person". That's what I think Tom will be best remembered for, he made all that knew him want to be better people. All we can do now is keep trying.

Jim Ashby

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