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taras 05-04-2003 12:24 AM


We are thinking about making a new kamiza for our dojo. So far we've only been using a laminated picture. You see, the dojo is rented once a week, apart from us there are other activities that take place there. We have a storage room for our mats etc and there is enough space for a small Kamiza.

I was just wondering if anyone could refer me to some ideas on how to make a Kamiza, maybe some pictures. Are there any special rules to follow?


erikmenzel 05-04-2003 02:56 AM


we use a simple but beautiful oaken table to put the portret on.

See this picture:

taras 05-04-2003 07:06 AM

I think ours is going to be of a hanging variety, probably a frame of some sort, possibly a triptich (three pictures next to each other, the one in the middle a bit bigger than the other two). But I just can't think of a design.

kung fu hamster 05-09-2003 08:42 AM

Erik, that's quite a website you've got there. Just one question....have you ever been a jikijitsu?

erikmenzel 05-09-2003 10:00 AM

Nope, came up with that content without any zen teaching, it simply just happend :D

kung fu hamster 05-09-2003 12:55 PM

Well, I think you'd probably make a terrific jiki, I recognize a certain puckish sense of humor reminiscent of our own jiki's - who seem to enjoy torturing us by keeping the suspense going with their antics... I keep listening for the bell and all I get is more mu... !!


Williamross77 05-16-2004 09:44 AM

Re: Kamiza
currently it is a big alter style with a back board on which hangs a pic of the kanji for KI. on the rail sits a water fountain and a gravel bowl for incence. a pagoda and a book of O' Sensei's. O'Sensei has a smaller version to the right side. the one i have seen in Shirata Sensei's book looks quite nice. and can be reproduced on a large white canvas hanging on a bamboo rod, about 5''X 7" or 'X' which ever means foot. ? ? anyway it is a large kanji for aikido and to the right a large image of Osensei. but the banner whould make a quite nice shomen( kamiza).

makuchg 05-16-2004 11:05 AM

Re: Kamiza
One of the most beautiful Kamiza I have seen is at the Northeast Aikikai in Chelmsford, MA.

It is somewhat large, but very unique. What makes it special is that it was a gift from the students to the dojo.

Greg Makuch

arachnoJill 05-16-2004 01:00 PM

Re: Kamiza
We are currently without a kamiza at the moment, but some other students are in the process of making one. We train in a gymnastics studio, so they are making a kamiza and a weapons rack that will fold up and be locked when we are not there. The studio we are in has huge banners that we will be able to hide them behind when not in use and nobody will even know they are there. I always make a joke after class that I shouldn't forget to bow to the virtual kamiza. Basically, I think they are making it have 2 doors that will fold out when open. The same for the weapon rack.

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