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AikiWeb System 04-28-2003 12:09 PM

A new review has been posted in the AikiWeb Book database:
Book Title: Aikido for Self Discovery
Book Author: Wrobel, Stan

Review author: Choon Kit Chan
Rating given: 4 (out of 5)

This book serves to highlight points already made by many a Sensei in any dojo. However, not many Senseis could do it the way Stan could -- to narrate in a storybook format. It even comes complete with sections whereby the reader is transported into the realm of the nage (words in italics).

Many a time in his book, Stan brings forth his points in the form of questions. Answer those questions mindfully and honestly and the reader shall see Aikido in a better light.

One final word -- it lacks pictures or illustrations. Not that it handicaps this book in a big way, but perhaps it won't make the reading monotonous.

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