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Amin Basri 10-27-2002 11:11 PM

Hi all,

Just curious, what's your most fustrating or unpleasant situations(in training,life experiences,etc} that you encountered since joining aikido and how do you apply aikido in your daily life.


ian 10-28-2002 04:51 AM

My most frustrating experience was when a dan grade tried to explain to me why Yamada sensei was 'doing it all wrong' during a course, and kept correcting me for doing the same - I was dumbfounded.

Through aikido I've investigated chinese philosophies, and do now believe that existence is one whole and individuality is a dillusion. I believe this has made me less judgemental, less frightened of situations, less hateful and less likely to have my ego bruised.


Genex 10-28-2002 09:06 AM

I must say that through the practice of aikido i have become more self confident and less afraid to walk around at night, naturaly afraid all my life since i used to live in wythenshawe (nice big council estate in manchester england well known for gangs and stabbings etc..) anyhoo where i live now is starting to fill with the usual trash y'know kids in baseball caps matching track suits and rockport shoes (pants tucked into socks) they hang about stealing stuff smashing things and burning out cars because "hehehe that was kewl..hehehe" so obviously walking to the local garage at 4 am (wife's pregnant and requires 3 gallons of milk a day) they're hangin round nist as pewts and generaly spoiling for an ass kicking in which i feel confortable in doing, however i feel confident i could just throw em around without really hurting them now thanks to aikido.

i have also noticed that large crowds of ppl dont appear to be much of a problem any more...dont suppose other ppl have noticed this too?


Deb Fisher 10-28-2002 11:28 AM

Yeah, I am learning a lot of things in aikido.

I am more aware of my body - I don't stand in front of doors while I fumble with my keys anymore, and keep my feet underneath me when I use a table saw.

I am also less reactionary and hotheaded than I used to be (although this one is going to take YEARS...). I am less afraid of what I don't know about, I worry less, perhaps because I have some regular practice with handling conflict.

My art is better - it's easier to stick with the process of making something, even when it doesn't go the way it was supposed to.

Oh, and sex is an entirely different ballgame.

Wormwood 10-28-2002 11:37 AM


Deb Fisher wrote:
Oh, and sex is an entirely different ballgame.

Sex is like Aikido, it's all in the hips. :D


j0nharris 10-28-2002 12:37 PM

Or, as was once put on the Aikido-L.... you just have to enter deeply..... (I'll leave the rest to your imagination).


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