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HL1978 01-31-2013 01:33 PM

Rolling video
The following video is really applicable to any martial art, though the seminar it is taken from is mostly talking about how to use various rolling techniques to retrain the body for use in kendo.

If you aren't familiar with rolling, it provides a good overview of how to do it. Briefly, rolling is like a deep tissue massage, as shown through this video, it causes the particpants to move a bit differently afterwards. That being said, there are some interesting points in terms of how most people use the body even if it isn't from an injury.

You can see where people feel the loads, and how they feel it in the lower back rather than using the hip, or they roll outwards to take the load off.

Later on, they talk about the need to work the obliques a bit in order to connect the upper and lower body.

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