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Ramen 06-16-2012 03:44 AM

Alain Peyrache Shihan - A´kido Summer Courses 2012
Summer Aikido Courses
Alain Peyrache Shihan

Reminders :
Because of possible last minute organisational changes, please check for any updates on seminar website.

Sites :
Brittany, Penvenan: Sunday 8th July- Friday 13th July 2012 => more informations
Montain, Switzerland, Pontarlier: Saturday 28th July- Sunday 29th July 2012 => more informations
Landes - South West France: Vieux-Boucau : Sunday 12th August- Friday 17th August 2012 => more informations

How to proceed :
As soon as possible registar -registration is quick and easy on line from this site (click on the previous link)
This will help prepare for your arrival and welcome. This will also avoid delays and queues before the start of the course.
The martial path is to expect and prepare for the unexpected and not let anything take you by surprise.

Useful links :
Annual calender:
Which can be found by following the link: on the the same line as the icon for the course in the second colomn there is the video of the course.
Click on : Calender 2011-2012 and the calender will appear.

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