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Ellis Amdur 05-18-2012 02:53 PM

It Had to Be Felt #18: Terry Dobson: The Knight of the Mouldy Rope
Terry Dobson was my mentor, a father figure, a big brother, a teacher, and a friend. I have written so much about Terry, most notably "The Knights of the Mouldy Rope," in Dueling with Osensei that it would be redundant to rewrite all of it here again. I will refer you to that book, and to an audio interview on my website. I'm starting this thread to make a place for others who wish to give their own account of ukemi with the man.

For those inclined to post, please re-read the introductory column before doing so. The rules for contributors, in short:
  • Only people who have actually taken ukemi the teacher who is the subject of this thread, may post
  • Simply post your direct experience of taking ukemi. This can include the nature of your relationship with them, as ukemi is more than merely taking falls.
  • Do not engage in back-and-forth with other posters, disputing their experience, or trying to prove why yours is more real. Just post your own experience. Trust your readers to take in each writer's account on its own merits.
  • If, for any reason, you find something to praise or condemn in anyone's description or wish to amplify your insights and perceptions, do so elsewhere. Start a thread about that subject in the appropriate section of Aikiweb.

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