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morex 07-01-2002 05:19 PM

Greetings from Mexico!
Hi all!

I am Morelos from Mexico City and I'd like to make lots of friends!

I've been into Aikido for 2 years now and I can't tell you how much my life has improved since then.

I live in Mexico City and I train Nishio Aikido under one of Nishio Sensei's students: Tauchi Izumi.

So I hope I get to know you all!!


akiy 07-01-2002 05:56 PM

Welcome to the AikiWeb Forums, Moreles! I hope you'll be able to share your experiences with others here.

-- Jun

Genex 07-02-2002 08:51 AM

welcome to the forums n stuff.
tis fun here you get to learn all sorts of wacky things

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