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Adam Bradley 02-14-2012 09:52 AM

Kannagara Aikido and Tsubaki Grand Shrine of America 20 Year Anniversary
Good Morning to Aikidoka...My name is Adam Bradley and Im a long time student of Koichi Barrish Sensei, Senior Shinto Preist of Tsubaki Grand Shrine Of America. Over my 14 years as aikidoka I have had the great opportunity to train with so many good and talented people from the Aikido Community from Northern & southern California, Washington, Oregon and even my home town of Columbus Ohio. I am continually amazed by the experiences and realizations that come forth from the practice of Aiki movements.

This year 2012, Year of the Dragon, is a time of great change and new developments and I have been moved to share the significant milestone of the long time Aikido Practitioner and teacher Barrish Sensei. In 1992 Barrish Sensei established and built Tsubaki Grand Shrine Of America as a place for Aikido practitioners to explore the penetrate the mystery of Aikido through the Gyo of Esoteric Shinto. Sensei has dedicated the last 20 years to this endeavor with daily Misogi (Cold Water purification in mountain River), Shinto and Aikido practice at Tsubaki Shrine and Kannagara Jinja, nestled among the mountainous forest region of northern Washington State.

My first teacher Jason House Sensei brought me to this special place during my early years as an aikido Student and i have continued to make pilgrimage to Tsubaki Shrine for the annual Aiki Taisai and memorial event (ceremony for the mitama of Osensei) each April. Over the years I have had the privilege to train and develop relationships with many of Sensei's students who are always willing to share their understanding of Aiki Movements with great sincerity.

This year I will again travel to Northern washington State with a group of my students from Sacramento ca area, only this year we will honor Sensei Barrish for his accomplishment in building the first official Shinto shrine in North America and for his dedication to the Aiki Practice. In this way we pay our respects to the founder O-Sensei and continue our personal dedication to the mystery of Aikido.

May I take this moment to sincerely invite you to this 20 year celebration Aiki Taisai event at Tsubaki Grand Shrine of America ; April 27,28,29 ---2012. I look forward to meeting many new friends from the Aikido Community.

If you have any questions or would like to visit the website for Tsubaki Grand Shrine Of America...visit

With Sincerity,
Adam Bradley
Kannagara Aikido Sacramento

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