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lbb 02-02-2012 04:41 PM

Hills and metaphors
From Seth Godin's blog, a post titled "An endless series of difficult but achievable hills". It's a very short read that contains the following:

"Repeating easy tasks again and again gets you not very far. Attacking only steep cliffs where no progress is made isn't particularly effective either. No, the best path is an endless series of difficult (but achievable) hills."

It strikes me that this is a good description for the sweet spot in martial arts practice (or really any practice), where you are getting the "training effect" from what you're doing: enough challenge to make a difference, enough progress to have faith to keep you going. But knowing when you're in that sweet spot (or conversely, knowing when you aren't, and what side of it you're on) is a gift.

Mary Eastland 02-03-2012 07:25 AM

Re: Hills and metaphors
Sometimes the hills provide enough resistance so we can see that we are on the wrong path or that the path is right but coming to an end. Consciousness on the journey helps us make good choices long the way.

When I was developing my self defense business I got just successful enough to know that I needed to stop and concentrate on Aikido. The decision was revealed as the hills started to get smaller.

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