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danj 11-21-2011 03:52 AM

YouTube: Aikido Analogies
I think we have all seen, or used some analogies to help explain aikido techniques. Sometimes they are helpful, sometime a bit contrived. Late one night at the dojo we decided to put a few through their paces…here's what it looked like. Thanks Alison and Eric sensei's for being such good uke's…err…sports!

gates 11-21-2011 04:16 AM

Re: Aikido Analogies
Defending something you love:

danj 11-22-2011 04:29 AM

Re: Aikido Analogies

Keith Gates wrote: (Post 297635)

Nice, something to add to the material, i better crack open that carton ;)

Now i remember Jaime Zimron sensei did a nice demo at an aikiexpo 2002? using golf clubs (not that i was there just saw the video), unfortunately all i could see on the web was this somewhat commercial video but I remember the demo had some futari ad more

Shadowfax 11-22-2011 08:15 AM

Re: YouTube: Aikido Analogies
Aikido and horsemanship. :)

lars beyer 03-26-2012 04:53 PM

Re: YouTube: Aikido Analogies

Cherie Cornmesser wrote: (Post 297770)
Aikido and horsemanship. :)

Great video- thanks !

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