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torbjornsaw 10-10-2011 07:49 AM

Real Peace
Everybody wants world peace! The Dalai Lama never stops talking about it. If you want it you have to solve it right away. There is no use in planning, making strategies or argue over politics. It must be solved as to what it is, as to what it means. You must make a firm resolve to go to the bottom of it right now. Not reaching the bottom, not solving the issue totally is as if you haven't even started. Merely scratching the surface is useless.

Peace in Aikido can be exercised. We practice peace, therefore we call it non-violent. Peaceful Aikido doesn't mean it's not effective or dynamic. On the contrary, the skill and art of blending, or more precise, merging in the interaction, the awase, the aiki, lends itself to the most effective conflict resolution. By means of a stable centre we allow and surrender to an opposing force in order to influence and infiltrate the other. By merging we come in contact with the other and are able to gain access to his or hers body and energy. We blend physically, mentally and spiritually to become one unit, one entity. By becoming one we dissolve our differences and naturally aggression subsides. To make peace we have to be peace. And peace only comes from surrender. Surrender in order to blend, blend in order to join, and join in order to share. Share the peace that arises when you are one. Takemusu is the birth of Peace through Aiki.

The coming together in Aikido is a dynamic event. Peace is a dynamic event, not placid nor dead. In peace we find love and intimacy. Love is alive and such becomes our relationships. Real Peace is to come alive together.

graham christian 10-12-2011 10:30 AM

Re: Real Peace
Nice piece Torbjorn.

So simple, so true. For me Aikido is not even the art of fighting without fighting it's more the art of no fighting thus the art of peace.

For me also I think every Aikidoka when asked about fighting should answer in a very simple and definite manner with 'I don't fight'

Peace has to be lived.


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