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aikido ista 02-17-2011 11:59 AM

International Aikido Seminar in Montreal March 26-27
Aikido Canada / IstaQuebec aikido will hold it's fifth annual seminar with Alain Peyrache Shihan on March 26-27, 2011 in Montreal

Peyrache sensei is at the head of I.S.T.A. (International School of Traditional Aikido), based in Brussels. Around 400 dojos in Europe, Canada, Chile, Israel

Studied with Tamura sensei for 25 years, one of the founder of the French Federation FFAB, which he left to found his own organization, with the objective to develop traditional dojos and teachings the way O'sensei wished.

Aikido is not a sport, so it must not be organised as such (competitions, federations, etc)
"One master, One dojo" is the root of his philosophy.

Sober, yet very efficient technique. Peyrache is having seminars troughout the year in many countries.

All his seminars are announced on Youtube, Here for the seminar in Montreal :

all other are to be found on

See you there
bring your weapons

For more informations on the Montreal seminar

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