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Shipley 08-17-2000 07:11 PM

I recently (last fall) moved and joined an ASU dojo. A number of the techniques and weapons practices are different than that which I did in my old dojo and I was thinking that either Saotome sensei's videos or Ikeda sensei's videos would be a good place to pick up a lot of background. Ideally I would just order both sets, but that is pretty out of my price range. Which of the two would you recommend over the other? I have heard that both are really interesting and well done.

Things that I'd really like to be in the videos are the jo and bokken kata that are test requirements at the udansha level.

Thanks a bunch for your help,


akiy 08-17-2000 11:34 PM

If you'd like to get the videos for the ASU testing requirements, then I would probably recommend Saotome sensei's tapes "Principles of Aikido," "Sword of Aikido," and "Staff of Aikido" from Arete Press. The latter two, "Sword" and "Staff", contain the 12 kumitachi and 6 kumijo required for yudansha gradings.

Ikeda sensei's tapes are, in my opinion, really good too -- just not as "testing requirement" oriented as Saotome sensei's tapes.

-- Jun

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Dan Hover 08-26-2000 11:41 AM

saotome vs. ikeda
agreed, Saotome's tape "principles of Aikido" as well as it's partner book (same title) are a must, at least the book is. Saotome is very ecletic in his training, and he has become more solid yet softer in his later years, (compare this with footage in the early to mid 80's and you'll see what I mean). Ikeda is a lot more dynamic, but a lot younger too. Both are very, very good, but as a beginner Saotome's tapes and books(Principles of Aikido, and Aikido and the Harmony of Nature) will give you more than enough to keep you busy for awhile.

Dan Hover

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