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Keith Larman 12-23-2010 03:09 PM

Aikido Journal's "Aikido with Ki" Koichi Tohei
Just fwiw, I bought a copy of Stan Pranin's new DVD on Koichi Tohei called "Aikido with Ki". Stan put together a really nice short documentary on Tohei that pretty much covers from his start in Aikido through the split with the Aikikai.

It is *not* a "how do" dvd or anything like that. But it is very nice with some complete footage of some pretty nifty stuff.

Basically it starts with the short documentary about Tohei.

He has a section on the warmups and preparatory exercises demonstrating some of the ki exercises and aikitaiso.

There is a great section from a 1967 film with Tohei demonstrating a number of techniques (without audio or commentary).

Then there is some film footage of a seminar Tohei taught in 1974 in San Francisco. .

Finally, there are bits of film of demonstrations including that really old film of Tohei, Tadashi Abe, and Kisshomaru Ueshiba doing techniques from "attacks" in "street" clothes. As well as footage of Tohei from various All-Japan Aikido demonstrations. Great to watch the man do randori.

Since I come from a group that was part of Tohei's group but broke off over 30 years ago it was really great to watch all this old footage. I also really liked how Mr. Pranin points out that Tohei has been "swept away" by some due to the issues that caused the split but that Tohei was a (if not *the*) major force of Aikido during the late 50's, 60's and early 70's. His influence was tremendous. Heck, consider that Tohei was chief instructor at the main dojo for, what, 18 years, most of those years were while Morihei was still alive. Anyway, great stuff. Highly recommended simply as a bit of history.

FWIW the film transfer/restoration quality is really fantastic. Great to watch on my large screen through the upscaling DVD player. The dvd is about an hour overall, give or take.

The video is here on

Janet Rosen 12-23-2010 04:44 PM

Re: Aikido Journal's "Aikido with Ki" Koichi Tohei
I am hoping to buy a subscription to Aikido Journal early in the new year (once I get the business income flow starting again) and was figuring to make that one of my bonuses for buying the 2 year subscription. Thanks for the review!

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