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akiy 08-14-2000 05:32 PM

So what kind of misogi do you do?

-- Jun

Nick 08-14-2000 07:10 PM

Living... all life is misogi-waza.


Suru 08-14-2000 07:57 PM

I have found sweeping cigarette ashes off my patio to be great misogi-do. Sometimes I catch myself doing jo kata with the broom, but I try and stop myself before I break something or someone gets hurt =).

AikiTom 08-14-2000 10:07 PM

Ah, Suru-san, we missed you, but bow to you in your latest incarnation.

Dan Hover 08-27-2000 03:16 PM


akiy wrote:
So what kind of misogi do you do?

-- Jun

I practice

tedehara 08-31-2000 01:08 PM


akiy wrote:
So what kind of misogi do you do?

-- Jun

Breathing exercises are considered misogi (purification ritual). I've done that one mostly.

Another misogi I've done is dousing yourself with a cold bucket of water.

Mostly I do misogi around the New Year's. Although I haven't done it recently, a few years ago I've joined the St. Louis Ki Society in their New Year's misogi weekend. This includes bell misogi, chanting and (of course) river misogi. Jumping into a cold river in January really wakes you up!! :eek:

I remember watching O Sensei do the paper wand misogi (he also used a jo in another film clip) in an old AikiNews film from the Hawaii dojo opening. Watching the spiral pattern he made in the air, helped me to devise an entire class on spirals in Aikido techniques.

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guest1234 09-09-2000 09:36 PM

i clean our dojo

ze'ev erlich 09-14-2000 02:35 PM

ego - less waza = misogi
Hi Jun

When you see two people practice.

They both know the waza/

they know it well/

repeating it many times

each one does it as shugyo

the two become one

when you see them, you know for sure
their training is MISOGI.



Mike Collins 09-19-2000 11:22 PM

I've just finished a fairly major remodel of my home. At first it was just a pain-in-the-butt lot of work, and it interfered with my training. After a short while I began to see it as a kind of misogi.

I had been very keyed into training and work for a lot of years, and had let my house go; this was a good chance to clean up some of that karma and "weed my garden", restore a bit of balance to my life. After I began to see it that way, it got a bit easier.

I thought that was an interesting thing. But it's nice to be back training.

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