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Shadowfax 07-19-2010 07:15 AM

Funny and weird Aikido quotes
Every once in a while someone in the dojo will say something unforgettable....and at the same time kinda funny. A few of us were talking last night about how sometimes we use phrases that make no sense to anyone unless they have experienced aikido.

At class one night working on kokyo ho sensei says...

"your other hand isn't dead yet, but it's on life support."

Just last night working on some Ikeda sensei excercise on being heavy. I finally got it and looking up at sensei said...

"well it works great, if I just don't try."

And then as my training partner got it just right, sending me totally off balance, compared to the previous try which was right but not as right....

"that was more overwhelmingly underwhelming..."

Anyone else got any good quotes?

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