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Brendan Gunn 11-24-2009 03:38 AM

Black Mountain Aikido
The Black Mountain Aikido Club is a new focus for Tomiki Aikido in Belfast Northern Ireland. It is the result of unfortunate experiences with academic institutions in the city which have oddly taken against martial arts in general..we thought we were finished but the Bunscoil an tSleibhe Duibh ( 'bunskoyl un sleyve doov' - Gaelic for Black Mountain Primary school ) offered sanctuary and we're up and running under the auspices of Shaun Hoddy Sensei and his ZETAR Aikido organisation based in Canvey Island south east of London.

An enthusiastic group formed from an alliance with Wing Chun practicioners now has 2 students preparing for Dan gradings so we seemed to have survived the storm for the moment. The Tomiki katas devised by Tomiki Sensei and Ohba Sensei are the focus of our training but all martial artists are welcomed in the club to fall around for an few hours.

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