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jxa127 07-28-2000 09:21 AM

Not all discussion on Aikido spirituality need to be deep or serious. So, just for fun:

I heard on the news recently that Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, took some time out of a recent trip to practice Judo while he was on the road. I thought this was pretty cool, and it got me to thinking:

First, I wonder how many world leaders study some form of martial art.

Second, wouldn't it be cool if part of the various "summits" would include an open mat session for the world leaders? I imagine the atmosphere in our dojo (calmness, anticipation, cooperation) being present during high-level arms treaty talks.

It's a neat fantasy, anyway. :)

-Drew A.

Shouri (Steve) 07-28-2000 09:58 AM

Funny you should ask....
Jigoro Kano Sensei (founder of Judo) once gave a demonstration to Theodore Roosevelt when he was President, and Teddy decided to build a dojo in the White House and train in judo.

Not sure about anyone else, but I found that little tid-bit interesting...



jxa127 07-28-2000 02:35 PM

That's right! I had forgotten about Teddy studying Judo.


Chuck Clark 08-01-2000 11:14 PM

Actually the number of high level world leaders who seriously practice martial arts is more than you would think.

I have a list somewhere, but it probably went the way of most of my other lists...

I'll see if I can find it and report back. If anyone else has any info, please share.

George S. Ledyard 08-15-2000 02:23 PM

Martial Arts Leaders
I remember that King Juan Carlos of Spain is a yudansha in some style of karate.

Nick 08-15-2000 05:16 PM

Also, Ulyesses S. Grant is said to be the first westerner (or American, I forget) to see the art of Jujitsu/Judo (can't remember which).

Japan's old prime minister (name escapes me) was a prominent and serious Aikidoka also.


akiy 08-15-2000 09:44 PM


Nick wrote:
Japan's old prime minister (name escapes me) was a prominent and serious Aikidoka also.
Keizo Obuchi. See:

-- Jun

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