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warriorwoman 02-10-2002 12:55 PM

New Women's Website
Hello Everyone!
I'd like to invite all of you to visit a new website devoted to women training in Aikido and other Japanese traditional martial arts. Articles relate to issues of personal development and training from a woman's perspective. I hope you'll use the forums on the messageboard to share your aikido perspective with other women who are training.
See you there!
janet dtantirojanarat

Arianah 02-10-2002 05:51 PM

I like the site very much. It is beautifully laid out, and very interesting. I like that it is not focused completely on just the physical techniques, but on the culture etc. as well. (I loved the article on sushi--I'll have to try the recipe. :)) Thank you for sharing it with us.


gi_grrl 02-10-2002 07:28 PM

Re: New Women's Website
Great site - and well needed by women warriors.

However, it's quite annoying having extra windows popping up all over the place.

Cheers, Fiona.

erikmenzel 02-11-2002 05:14 AM

Compliments on the beautiful site.

I like the different aspect, among which the cultural, that are shown on the site.

I dont like the pop-up windows, but that is probably because I never liked pop-up windows to begin with.

Keep up the good work.

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