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Linn314 09-24-2008 01:56 AM

New school Etiquette
Hello. My question for the group is how to properly enter a new school. I am transferring to from my school in Diego Garcia to a school in Pensacola. Do you just show up with a white belt, request a test, or just wear the belt from your old school?

Thank you in advance for any information.

Al Linn

Andrew S 09-24-2008 02:16 AM

Re: New school Etiquette
Contact the person in charge of the dojo and ask about protocol. It makes things simpler for both parties.

Dieter Haffner 09-24-2008 05:44 AM

Re: New school Etiquette
Go to the new dojo.
Demand to see the head instructor.
Be victorious over this person (aka kick his ass).
Claim the title of new leader of the gang.

Or... kindly ask the head instructor what Andrew suggested.

Nick P. 09-24-2008 06:16 AM

Re: New school Etiquette

Call or email first, and explain that
- you have moved to the area and would like to train at that dojo.
- you had trained at another dojo under so-and-so sensei for x-years, and if asked, confirm what kyu or dan you have been given.

Show up, suit up, learn, repeat.

THEN after everyone feels safe around you, do as Dieter suggested. They wont see it coming.

Larry Cuvin 09-24-2008 08:00 AM

Re: New school Etiquette
If the dojo in Florida has the same affiliation as the the dojo you are in now, a letter from your sensei would be nice as well.

Mark Uttech 09-24-2008 11:13 AM

Re: New school Etiquette
Onegaishimasu. I found it helpful when a couple of new students at my dojo gave me a typed record of all their previous experience, where they trained, the sensei they trained under, for how long, how regularly, etc.

In gassho,


crbateman 09-24-2008 12:07 PM

Re: New school Etiquette
Be humble and helpful... It goes a long way.

Linn314 09-25-2008 02:25 AM

Re: New school Etiquette
Thanks all! Appreciate the info!

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