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Joshua Jackman 04-28-2008 05:09 AM

Training With A Replacement Hip

Do any of you still train after recieving a hip replacement? Does it limit your training at all? I may be getting one soon. I am twenty seven years old and wondering how active I may get to be in my Aikido training.

Take Care,

Joshua Jackman

dragonteeth 04-28-2008 08:00 AM

Re: Training With A Replacement Hip
I'm not sure how it will affect your aikido training (had knee reconstruction but not hip). However, my iaido shihan has had both hips replaced, and he still practices both iaido and karate on a daily basis as a professional.

Find a good physical therapist who is experienced in dealing with athletic rehab for your post-op. That makes a world of difference!

Good luck!

Chuck.Gordon 05-02-2008 09:44 AM

Re: Training With A Replacement Hip

I'm 51, and just had a THR last July. I've been on the mat (carefully) quite a bit since then. I'm not taking much ukemi, but can still teach, and my personal training is pretty weapons-heavy these days.

If you go for the THR, talk to your docs about your expectations for what you can and cannot do after surgery.

If you want to read about my experiences with the surgery, recovery and subsequent training, look up my blog Arx Hereticus at Go back to July or so to read about the hip replacement and therapy.

If you want to talk hippy stuff, get in touch with me offline at


akiy 05-02-2008 10:03 AM

Re: Training With A Replacement Hip
Hi Joshua,

Here's a website which may be of interest of you:

It's not budo-specific, but perhaps the experiences of professional dancers (the majority of whom undergo much more physically strenuous daily routines than probably the majority of budo practitioners) may prove to be helpful for you.


-- Jun

judojo 05-06-2008 11:00 PM

Re: Training With A Replacement Hip
Dearest Sensei Joshua, Thank You For The Hip Informations. But For Me I Will Not Be Discorage Of The Replaced Hip Because I Can Apply The Tori And Nage In Kamae Dachi, But For Medical Reasons Be Declined. Reynaldo L. Albano - Ju Dojo 349 Malvar Street Dipolog City, 7100 Zambonga Del Norte Philippines

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