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David Orange 01-16-2007 09:40 PM

Ancient Judo
I recently got this request from Edgar Kruyning, in the Netherlands. Edgar is a fantastic martial artist who has trained deeply in Japan. He trained deeply with Minoru Mochizuki of yoseikan budo as well as Hiroo Mochizuki, current head of yoseikan. Edgar also trained with Yoshio Sugino in katori shinto ryu and is acquainted with Ritsuke Otake of katori shinto ryu. Edgar maintains his own dojo and even has uchi deshi of his own. He teaches aikido, judo, freestyle wrestling, muay thai and other arts. Please consider his question and pass it on to anyone who might be able to provide him some information in his search.



"Dear readers,

As many insiders in Judo already know are the Judo-Kata performed today as thought by the Kodokan, different from the old way of performing Judo-Kata.
Many of you have seen the old movies of Jigoro Kano Shihan and other masters who demonstrated the traditional Judo Kata differently.

I am attempting to track down people who have, or still do, practiced the Judo Kata according the Budosenmon or Busen way as part of the old federation The Dai Nippon Butokukai..
The Busen was the 4 year teacher school of that federation and seen as the top-school of all Budo teachers before WWII.

Recently, the Dutch authorities on Judo accepted the performance of the Judo-Kata in both the Kodokan and the Busen way to pass examination. This is because the Dutch Judo federation had in the past close contact with Japanese teachers of the Busen Judo school like Michigami Shihan.

My name is Edgar Kruyning (6th Dan in Judo and Yoseikan) and I have studied in Japan for many years. I am writing a book on this subject together with my teacher Chris de Korte (9th Dan in Judo). He was the former federation coach and has been at least at 3 Olympic Games. His personal students have titles like World-, Olympic-, European- and national champions. He studied in Japan for many years in Kyoto (Doshisha-University and Kyoto police). His teachers were Kurihara Shihan and Ebii Shihan.
We are now looking into standardizing the Busen way and bringing out a book on the subject.

Anyone capable of supplying information, documentation or experience is welcome to contact Edgar Kruyning at and help out. Every piece of the puzzle is greatly appreciated.
We are also looking for people who are performing the Judo Kata differently from the modern way of Kata performing as studied at the Kodokan.

I would kindly ask all of you to place this message on all forums known to you concerning martial arts, not just Judo in particular. I am trying to make this message reach as many people as possible, which means I would also like indirectly related forums to be of assistance.

This is no spam, this is a legitimate search for people who can help us rediscover the ancient Judo-Kata.

I thank you all for your help in this,


Edgar Kruyning"

柘植富安 01-16-2007 11:13 PM

Re: Ancient Judo
I posted this on the Judo Info forum, which I thought was more apropriate, and it seems based on the one reply, that there is more going on. Maybe you can direct him there to this thread

David Orange 01-17-2007 04:01 PM

Re: Ancient Judo

Tomoyasu Tsuge wrote:
I posted this on the Judo Info forum, which I thought was more apropriate, and it seems based on the one reply, that there is more going on. Maybe you can direct him there to this thread


Thanks for posting that and for letting me know about the response it got. I read the reply and was a little surprised. So I had to register over there to get involved with that. If you haven't already, please check out the web-link in that message and have a look at Edgar's site. He is 100% true. All I know about his teacher comes from the way Edgar performs and lives, and from that, I think his teacher is solid and real.

Thanks for your help.

Best wishes.


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